Company Profile

Company Profile

Green Moles is a business that combines both engineering and IT expertise to deliver customised CCTV pipeline inspection and cleaning services. Our goal is to meet the required level of service in the most cost-effective way through the creation, acquisition, operation, maintenance, rehabilitation of pipelines and sewer networks.

We offer a variety of services to a wide customer base including municipalities, military camps, small and large industrial units, petrol stations, hospitals, hotels, settlements, houses and many more.

Our systems provide an ‘end-to-end’ solution, incorporating cutting edge technological and engineering services compliant with all the local and EU legislation and industry standards.

Why GreenMoles

  • Our team consists of experts which they can find solutions even to the most complicated problems
  • We provide to customers greater ability to plan for future repairs and replacements
  • We rely on our skills which were developed through knowledge and years of experience
  • We have the most technologically advanced equipment which can detect, solve and blast away drain and sewage problems efficiently thus minimizing costs for our customers
  • Information and reports are instantly available to the customer, always compliant with regulatory requirements

Environmental Responsibility

Here at Green Moles, we have developed in our corporate culture what we call the ‘GREEN consciousness’s. We use methods friendly to the environment which require less water to be spoiled in water jetting, no chemicals use and our hi-tech cameras can guarantee you that can detect the tiniest cracks and failures so no foul water shall penetrate the subsurface.

We also try to use less electricity, less paper waste (as everything is on the cloud), less travelling (domestic and international) and the green philosophy is deeply rooted in our everyday working life.

24 Hour Response

Green Moles offer a comprehensive 24 hour 365 day a year call out service. We respond every incident anywhere in Cyprus and we are next to you within minutes. Green Moles complete emergency response ensures you receive a safe, legally compliant and environmentally responsible solution. All operatives are fully trained in high pressure water jetting, CCTV inspection equipment, vacuuming technology, waste tankering, confined space entry and use of breathing apparatus. All work is carried out safely and effectively to minimise any disruption to anyone that may be directly or indirectly affected.