Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Green Moles can provide sectional renovation of pipelines cost-effectively using a non-disruptive methodology that does not require excavation indoors or outdoors. We can repair sections in the pipe and socket area up to a length of approx. 25m and a diameter from 35-1500mm and can therefore be applied in the private and public sector.

The installation is non-disruptive and does not require excavation. The fittings are internally applied by a specially developed ‘packer’ which is installed from a nearby access chamber. The key benefits of using our pipeline repair services are as follows:

  • No-dig technology ensures zero traffic disruption
  • A quick, cost effective repair
  • Reduces infiltration
  • Suitable for 30°-90° lateral connections
  • Easily installed through swept bends
  • Installation by factory trained licensed installers from the EU market leaders in patch repair systems