Water & Air Pipeline Test

Water & Air Pipeline Test

Green Moles can undertake two basic pipeline tests: An air test is carried out to all pipework following installation, while a water test will only normally be required to verify a failed air test or to test manholes or inspection chambers. Failure during an air test is NOT sufficient reason to ‘condemn’ a pipeline. If an air test indicates a leak in the system, a water test must be then undertaken to verify and quantify the problem.

Prior to any test, the pipeline should be visually inspected for any obvious signs of damage or leakage. Mortar-jointed systems should be left for at least 48 hours before instigating any test, to give the mortar a chance to set.

Tests are normally applied to a pipeline between consecutive manholes. Short branches connected to the main run are usually tested as part of the main run unless they can be easily isolated for individual testing.

The tightness checking of a sewage pipe between two successive shafts:

  • Pipe sealing at shaft entrances with proper machines (sealing plugs), that permit air or water entrance or exit
  • The piping of pressurised air or water and the monitoring of the process

Our well trained staff run through a complex process with special plugs and equipment ensuring this way that your pipelines of every size are water and air tight.